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We are renowned as the leading institute for Android training in Chandigarh and Mohali. Our comprehensive courses are meticulously designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive Android development landscape. At Excellence Academy, we take pride in our commitment to your success. Our Android training programs are 100% job-oriented, ensuring that you are well-prepared to secure lucrative positions in top IT companies. Learn from industry experts and experienced instructors who bring real-world insights into the classroom, providing you with practical, hands-on experience.

Why Choose Us?

We take pride in our commitment to your success. Our institute is your gateway to a successful career in Android development. We provide 100% job placement training conducted by expert instructors for Android training in Chandigarh and Mohali.’ Your journey to a rewarding career begins here.

So, why wait? Join our institute without wasting any more time and kickstart your journey towards a bright and promising future.

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Do you Know?

Android Is Growing Steadily!

The job market for mobile app developers is on a remarkable trajectory, with a projected growth rate of 60% from 2010 through 2022. This substantial expansion is set to create over 30,00,000 new job opportunities. If you're considering a career in this dynamic field, you'll be pleased to know that salaries typically range between Rs. 3.4 lakh to Rs. 7.6 lakh per annum.

Embracing Android Training in Chandigarh and Mohali can be your ticket to tap into this booming job market and secure a rewarding career.

Secure Your Future in the IT Industry Today – Enroll in Our Android Training Institute in Chandigarh
Put an end to worries about your future and career prospects. Join our esteemed Android Training in Chandigarh and Mohali and pave the way for a prosperous future with a handsome salary package.

*Only 15 Seats Available Now*

After Completing Android Training Course


*Only 15 Seats Available Now*

Why You Should Choose Us?

There are many institutes that offer Android training in Chandigarh and Mohali, but Excellence Academy rises above the rest. Some Of The Biggest Reasons Are Listed Below.

1 To 1 Session Classes

You Will Get 4 Hours 1 To 1 Session Classes From Monday To Saturday For 2 Months.

Free Study Material

You Will Also Get Free Study Material During Your Android Development Training

4 Certifications

You Will Also Get 4 Certifications After Completing Your Android Development Training.

Interview Preparation

We Will Also Prepare You For Interview After Completing Your Android Development Course.

100% Job Placement

We Will Placed You In The IT Company After Your Full Android Developent Course.

2 Days Free Demo Class

You Will Also Get 2 Days Free Demo Classes Before Joining Our Course.

Assignment Based Training

You Will Also Get Assignments For Sharpen Your Knowledge During Your Full Course.

Learn From Professionals

You Will Learn Android Development From Expert Android Developer Who Have More Than 14+ Yrs Of Experience.

LED Screen Based Class

We Provide 100% LED Screen Based Classes So You Can Learn Comfortably.

Personality Development Class

During Your Course, You Will Also Get Personality Development Classes For Developing Your Personality.

Earn From Internet

You Will Learn The Secrets Of Earning Money During Your Android Development Coaching.

2 Years Validity

If There Will Be Something Missing After Completing The Course, You Can Join Course Again For Free Between 2 Years.

Your Android Development Job Is Waiting For You

Seize The Opportunity To Venture Into The Thriving IT Sector. If You’re Keen To Learn From Our Experts, Contact Us Today, And We’ll Promptly Connect With You.

10+ Biggest Reasons


Choosing Android Development as a Career Path in the Information Technology Sector!   

Android Development Stands as a Prime Career Choice Within the Information Technology Sector, Offering Substantial Opportunities in Both the Present and Future. It Plays a Pivotal Role in the Expansive IT Industry, Which Is Valued at Trillions of Dollars. To Excel as an Android Developer, a Comprehensive Understanding of CSS and HTML Is Imperative.

35,00,000+ Jobs Available

There are over 3.5 Millions jobs available only in India according to Indeed & Other big portals.

No Degree Required

]If You have no degree, you can too join this training & become a Android developer today.

Learn New Skills

Your Will Learn Many New Skills During Your Android Development Training. Join Now.


Your Will Find Out Many Useful Resources During Your Training. Join Now


After Completing The Training, You Can Do Freelancing And Make Money From Home.

Work At A Company

You Can Also Work at an IT company after completing your training.

Start Your Own Business

Your Will Be Able To Start Your Android Development Business After Training. Join Now

Room For Innovation

Your Will Learn Many Innovative Thing During Your Android Development Training. Join Now

Work From Anywhere

After Completing the training, Your Will be able to work from anywhere in the world.

Excited Industry

Your Will Become A Part Of Excited Industry After Completing Your Training. Join Now

Growing Industry

Your Will Become A Part Of Growing Industry After Completing Your Training. Join Now

Highly Demanded

Your Will Become A Part Of High Demanded Industry After Completing Your Training.

start Building Your career


Seize the Opportunity to Shape Your Career Today. This is a Limited-Time Offer with Only 15 Seats Available. If You Don’t Act Now, Others May Get Ahead. Let’s Secure Your Career and Growth Together.

Who Can Learn Android Development Course in chandigarh?


Graduation In Arts Or Any Other Stream, Basic Computer Knowledge Will Be Add On.


No Matter In Which Class You Are Studying (10th or +2). You Can Join This Course Too.


Housewives Can Join This Course & Start Their Career In IT Sector By Working From Home Jobs (Freelancing Jobs)

12th Passed Students

All Students Who Have Completed Their 10+2 From Any Stream Or Higher.

Polytechnic Students

If You Have done Polytechnic In Any Stream Or Higher, You Can Join This Course Too.

Small Business Owner

Small Business Owners Can Also Join Our Android Development Course.

Business Startups

Business Startup Can Also Take Benefit From This Course. Join Us Today.

Marketing Executive

If You Are A Marketing Executive, This Course Is Also Best For You.

Product Manager

This Android Development Course Is Also Best For Product Managers. If You Are A Product Manager. Join This Course Today.

What Are you waiting for?

Our Recruiters Are Eager To Hire You

Join us today and embark on a 90-day journey to become a proficient Android developer, highly sought after by companies. Our Android Development Course guarantees 100% job placement and is led by experts who impart invaluable knowledge that sets us apart from other institutes. Save time – you’ve already discovered the right Android Development Institute.

Best Android Development Course in Chandigarh

What You Will Learn In THE Android Development Course in Chandigarh

In this Android Development Course, you’ll acquire a wealth of knowledge. Below, we’ve outlined the comprehensive syllabus.

MONTH 1 – [Day 1 – Day 30]

Basics Of Android

  1. What is Android
  2. History and Version
  3. Installing software
  4. Setup Eclipse
  5. Hello Android example
  6. Internal Details
  7. Dalvik VM
  8. Software Stack
  9. Android Core Building
  10. Blocks
  11. Android Emulator
  12. AndroidManifest.xml
  13. R.java file
  14. Hide Title Bar
  15. Screen Orientation

UI Widgets

  1. Working with Button
  2. Toast
  3. Custom Toast
  4. Button
  5. Toggle Button
  6. Switch Button
  7. Image Button
  8. Check Box
  9. Alert Dialog
  10. Spinner
  11. Auto Complete Text View
  12. RatingBar
  13. DatePicker
  14. TimePicker
  15. ProgressBar
  16. Quick Contact Budge
  17. Analog Clock and Digital
  18. Clock
  19. Working with hardware
  20. Button
  21. File Download

Activity, Intent & Fragment

  1. Activity Life-cycle
  2. Activity Example
  3. Implicit Intent
  4. Explicit Intent
  5. Fragment Lifecycle
  6. Fragment Example
  7. Dynamic Fragment

Android Menu

  1. Option Menu
  2. Context Menu
  3. Popup Menu

Layout Manager

  1. Relative Layout
  2. Linear Layout
  3. Table Layout
  4. Grid Layout


  1. Array Adaptor
  2. Array List Adaptor
  3. Base Adaptor


  1. Grid View
  2. Web View
  3. Scroll View
  4. SearchView
  5. TabHost
  6. DynamicListView
  7. ExpandedListView

MONTH 2 – [Day 31 – Day 60]

Advanced Android

  1. Android Service
  2. Android Service API
  3. Android Started Service
  4. Android Bound Service
  5. Android Service Life
  6. Cycle
  7. Android Service Example

Data Storage

  1. Shared Preferences
  2. Internal Storage
  3. External Storage


  1. XML Parsing SAX
  2. XML Parsing DOM
  3. XML Pull Parser
  4. JSON Parsing

Content Provider

  1. Content Provider
  2. Fundamental
  3. Contact Content
  4. Provider
  5. Other Built-in Content
  6. Providers
  7. Creating Custom Content
  8. Provider
  9. Understanding Content
  10. URI
  11. ContentResolver
  12. Sharing Information from
  13. custom content provider

Android Notification

  1. Notification API
  2. Creating Notification
  3. Builder
  4. Setting Notification
  5. Properties
  6. Attaching Actions
  7. Issuing Notification
  8. NotificationCompat.Builder class
  9. Android Notification
  10. Examples


  1. Wallpaper
  2. Live Wallpaper
  3. Multimedia API
  4. Playing Audio
  5. Creating Audio Player
  6. Playing Video
  7. Alarm Manager
  8. Gallery

Speech API

  1. Text To Speech API
  2. Text To Speech Example
  3. Managing speed and pitch
  4. Speech To Text

Telephony API

  1. Telephony Manager
  2. Get Call State
  3. Call State
  4. Broadcast Receiver
  5. Simple Caller Talker
  6. Making Phone Call
  7. Send SMS
  8. Send Email

MONTH 3 – [Day 61 – Day 90]

Location API

  1. Location API Fundamental
  2. Example of Android Location API
  3. Working with Google Maps


  1. Android Animation API 
  2. Android Drawable class 
  3. Android Animation Example
  4. Android Rotate Animation 
  5. Android Fade Animation 
  6. Android Zoom Animation
Data Connectivity
  1. Bluetooth Tutorial 
  2. List Paired Devices
  3. Working with WiFi 
  4. Working with Camera
Android Web Services
  1. What is web service 
  2. Soap Vs Restful web service 
  3. Android Restful web service example with java servlet
  4. Storing data into external oracle database 
  5. Verifying data in android with external oracle database


  1. Sensor API 
  2. Motion Sensor 
  3. Position Sensor 
  4. Environmental Sensor 
  5. Sensor Values
  6. SensorManager class 
  7. Sensor Class 
  8. SensorEvent class 
  9. SensorEventListener interface 
  10. Compass Acceslerometer and Orientation Sensors 
    Sensor Examples 

Android Graphics

  1. Graphics API 
  2. 2D Graphics 
  3. Android.graphics.Canvas 
  4. Android.graphics.Paint class

Android P2P Communication

  1. Introducing Instant
  2. Messaging 
  3. Using the G-Talk Service 
  4. Monitoring the Roste for Changes
  5. Sending and Receiving
  6. Data Messages 
  7. Transmitting Data Messages 
  8. Receiving Data Messages

Android Google Map

  1. Android Map V2 API 
  2. Adding Map
  3. Customizing Map 
  4. Google Map class 
  5. Android Google Map Application

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Excellence Academy's teachers redefine excellence. They offer unparalleled training in Chandigarh, surpassing all institutes. The best choice for quality education. Highly recommended!
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Vishal Sharma
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Excellence Academy's teachers are outstanding! They empower women through top-notch training in Chandigarh. As a female student, their support and expertise have been invaluable. Their commitment to excellence sets them apart from all other institutes. I confidently recommend Excellence Academy as the best choice for quality education in Chandigarh.
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Simran Kaur
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Excellence Academy's teachers are exceptional! Their dedication to top-notch training in Chandigarh surpasses all. Highly recommended for quality education. For quality education in Chandigarh, they're the top choice.
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