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100% Job Oriented PHP Training course In Mohali?

Become A Part of Our Family Who Are Expert In Web Programming Like PHP, Java, javascript. Six month industrial Training in Mohali. We Are the best PHP training  in Mohali that Provides Top-Class PHP training Course With 100% Job Placement. Our PHP Course in Mohali Is Designed Especially For Students, Housewives & Other Who Are Looking For PHP training Course in mohali. If You Are Interested To Join Our 100% Job Oriented Program, Contact Us Today 

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We Provide PHP Training Course in Mohali With 100% Job Placement.  Our Experts Will Teach You Those Useful Things That Other Institutes Will Not. Therefore, Don’t Waste Time On Searching PHP Development Institute, If You Have Already Found Us.

PHP Training in Mohali
PHP Training in Mohali
PHP Training in Mohali


We Are #1 PHP Development Training Institute In Mohali, Providing World-Class & IT Sector Accepted PHP Development Course Especially To Students, Housewives, Business Owners, Polytechnic Students, 12th Passed Students, Graduate Students and to Those Who Are Looking To Join This Course.

There Are Millions Of PHP Development Jobs In India, So, We Strongly Recommend You To Join Our 6 month training in Mohali With Premium Quality Course That Will Help You Become A Successful PHP Development That IT Companies Are Looking For. It Is Limited Time Offer, So Never Miss An Opportunity To Enter In The IT Sector. If You Are Interested To Learn PHP Development From Our Experts, Just Call Us Today. We Will Get In Touch With You Quickly.  Hurry Up! YourPHP Development Job Is Waiting For You

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After Completing PHP Course

You Will Get 4 Certificates, That Are Accepted Almost In Every IT Company. You Will Not Only Get Certificates But Also Get Job In Hand After Completing Your Full Course.

If you will take action, other will take to build their career. Therefore, DON'T MISS THIS BIG OPPORTUNITY. only limited Seats Are Available.

*Only 15 Seats Available Now*

Why You Should Choose Us as a Best PHP Training Institute in Mohali?

There Are So Many Institutes Out There In Chandigarh Who Are Providing PHP Training Course In Mohali, So Why You Should Choose Us. Some Of Biggest Reasons Are Listed Below.

1 To 1 Session Classes

You Will Get 4 Hours 1 To 1 Session Classes From Monday To Saturday For 2 Months.

Free Study Material

You Will Also Get Free Study Material During Your PHP Development Training

4 Certifications

You Will Also Get 4 Certifications After Completing You rPHP Development Training.

Interview Preparation

We Will Also Prepare You For Interview After Completing Your PHP Development Course.

100% Job Placement

We Will Placed You In The IT Company After Your Full PHP Development Course.

2 Days Free Demo Class

You Will Also Get 2 Days Free Demo Classes Before Joining Our Course.

Assignment Based Training

You Will Also Get Assignments For Sharpen Your Knowledge During Your Full Course.

Learn From Professionals

You Will Learn PHP Development From Expert PHP Developer Who Have More Than 14+ Yrs Of Experience.

LED Screen Based Class

We Provide 100% LED Screen Based Classes So You Can Learn Comfortably.

Personality Development Class

During Your Course, You Will Also Get Personality Development Classes For Developing Your Personality.

Earn From Internet

You Will Learn The Secrets Of Earning Money During Your PHP Development Coaching.

2 Years Validity

If There Will Be Something Missing After Completing The Course, You Can Join Course Again For Free Between 2 Years.

Your PHP Development Job Is Waiting For You

Never Miss An Opportunity To Enter In The IT Sector. If You Are Interested To Learn From Our Expert, Just Call Us Today. We Will Get In Touch With You Quickly. 

10+ Biggest Reasons

Why You Should Learn PHP course in Mohali

PHP Development is the best option to build career In the information Technology Sector that has a lot of scope in the present era and also in the future. It is a very important part of IT industry. You should definitely enter in the IT Sector Because It Is A Trillion Dollar Industry. To be a good PHP Developer you should have a complete knowledge of CSS and HTML.

35,00,000+ Jobs Available

There are over 3.5 Millions jobs available only in India accord. to Indeed & Other big portals.

No Degree Required

If You have no degree, you can too join this training & become a PHP developer today.

Learn New Skills

Your Will Learn Many New Skills During Your PHP Development Training. Join Now


Your Will Find Out Many Useful Resources During Your Training. Join Now


After Completing The Training, You Can Do Freelancing And Make Money From Home.

Work At A Company

You Can Also Work at an IT company after completing your training.

Start Your Own Business

Your Will Be Able To Start Your PHP Development Business After Training. Join Now

Room For Innovation

Your Will Learn Many Innovative Thing During Your PHP Designing Training. Join Now

Work From Anywhere

After Completing the training, Your Will be able to work from anywhere in the world.

Excited Industry

Your Will Become A Part Of Excited Industry After Completing Your Training. Join Now

Growing Industry

Your Will Become A Part Of Growing Industry After Completing Your Training. Join Now

Highly Demanded

Your Will Become A Part Of High Demanded Industry After Completing Your Training.

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Join Our 100% Job oriented PHP Development Course In Mohali

Never Miss An Opportunity To Join This 100% Job Oriented PHP Training That Will Cover Everything From Basic To Advance. It Is A Limited Time Offer. Only 15 Seats Are Available Now.  If You Will Not Take Action Today, Other People Will Take And Will Start Beating You. Let’s Start Saving Your Career & Growth.

Who Can Learn PHP Development Course in Mohali?


Graduation In Arts Or Any Other Stream, Basic Computer Knowledge Will Be Add On.


No Matter In Which Class You Are Studying (10th or +2). You Can Join This Course Too.


Housewives Can Join This Course & Start Their Career In IT Sector By Working From Home Jobs (Freelancing Jobs)

12th Passed Students

All Students Who Have Completed Their 10+2 From Any Stream Or Higher.

Polytechnic Students

If You Have done Polytechnic In Any Stream Or Higher, You Can Join This Course Too.

Small Business Owner

Small Business Owners Can Also Join Our PHP Development Course.

Business Startups

Business Startup Can Also Take Benefit From This Course. Join Us Today.

Marketing Executive

If You Are A Marketing Executive, This Course Is Also Best For You.

Product Manager

This PHP Development Course Is Also Best For Product Managers. If You Are A Product Manager. Join This Course Today.

What Are you waiting for?

Our Recruiters Are Hungry To Hire You

Join Us Today & Become A Professional PHP Development In 90 Days That Companies Want To Hire. We Provide PHP Development Course With 100% Job Placement.  Our Experts Will Teach You Those Useful Things That Other Institutes Will Not. Therefore, Don’t Waste Time On Searching PHP Development Institute, If You Have Already Found Us.

Best PHP traning Course in mohali

What You Will Learn In php course in mohali

You Will Learn Many Things In This PHP Development Course. Below, We Have Mentioned The Full Syllabus. 

MONTH 1 – [Day 1 – Day 30]
Introduction To PHP

  1. Evaluation of PHP
  2. Basic Syntax
  3. Defining variable and constant
  4. PHP Data type
  5. Operator and Expression

Decisions And Loop

  1. Making Decisions
  2. Doing Repetitive task with looping
  3. Mixing Decisions and looping with Html


  1. Creating and accessing String
  2. Searching & Replacing String
  3. Formatting String
  4. String Related Library function

Working With Files & Directories

  1. Understanding file& directory
  2. Opening and closing a file
  3. Coping ,renaming and deleting a file
  4. Working with directories
  5. Building a text editor
  6. File Uploading & Downloading

String Matching With Regular Expression

  1. What is regular expression
  2. Pattern matching in PHP
  3. Replacing text
  4. Splitting a string with a Regular
  5. Expression


Database Connectivity With Mysq

  1. Introduction to RDBMS
    Connection with MySql Database
    Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
    Setting query parameter
    Executing query
    Join (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.)


Handling HTML Form With PHP

  1. Capturing Form Data
  2.  Dealing with Multi-value filed
  3. Generating File uploaded form
  4. Redirecting a form after submission



MONTH 2 – [Day 31 – Day 60]

  1. What is a function
  2. Define a function
  3. Call by value and Call by reference
  4. Recursive function
  1. Anatomy of an Array
  2. Creating index based and Associative array
  3. Accessing array Element
  4. Looping with Index based array
  5. Looping with associative array using each() and for each()
  6. Some useful Library function

State Management

  1. Using query string(URL rewriting)
  2. Using Hidden field
  3. Using cookies
  4. Using session

Generating Image With PHP

  1. Basics of Computer Graphics
  2. Creating Image
  3. Manipulating Image
  4. Using text in Image

Mini Project With (File Handling)

  1. Live projects on PHP

PHP Course Advanced:
Introduction To OOPS

  1. Introduction
  2. Objects
  3. Declaring a class
  4. The new keyword and constructor
  5. Destructor
  6. Access method and properties using $this variable
  7. Public, private, protected properties and methods
  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla!
  3. Drupal
  4. Magento (e-commerce )

MONTH 3 – [Day 61 – Day 90]
Framework – Codeigniter
Introduction To Codeigniter

  1. Understanding the MVC Pattern Models
  2. How MVC works?
  3. Congfiguration Codeigniter
  4. Setting up Codeigniter with apache
  5. Enviornment eg. Enable mod_rewrite
  6. Configuration Codeigniter to work with database
  7. Running Codeigniter for the first time
  8. Codeigniter Convention: Naming convention for MVC and database tables
Views: Creating Views
  1. Working with configuration layout
  2. Creating custom layout
  3. Element and helpers
CMS & Frameworks
  1.  Codeigniter
  2. Laravel
  3. Yii2
  4. Cake php
Introduction To OOPS contd…
  1. Static properties and method Class constant
  2. Inheritance & code re-usability
  3. Polymorphism
  4. Parent:: & self:: keyword
  5. Instance of operator
  6. Abstract method and class
Modeling: Creating Up Model For A Database Table
  1. Fetching data
  2. Saving and updating data
  3. Deleting data
  4. User defined function in model
  5. Data Validation
Controller: Creating Controller
  1. Controller function
  2. Interacting with model
  3. Interacting with views
  4. Controller variables and parameters
  5. Redirection
  6. Getting post data
Views: Creating Views
  1. Storing data in cake session
  2. Reading a session data
  3. Delete data from session.

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My experience in excellence technology is quite good. Specially Deepak sir, his behavior and method of teaching is excellent. He is very friendly with all his students.
Satinder Singh
Satinder Singh
PHP Developer
Very Good institute, very good staff, trainers are very talented and well educated. They helps student in every situation. If You Also Want To Learn PHP Development, I Recommend You This Institute.
PHP Developer
Very Good company that provides a better platform to explore knowledge. If you also want to learn PHP, You Should Join Excellence Technology based on my personal experience.
Rupinder kaur
Rupinder Kaur
PHP Developer

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